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Can mediums communicate with the pre-born?

Is mediumship a bio-internet?

What is the difference between a coincidence

The cost of suppressing your grief.

Don’t run out of patience with yourself.

When loss turns into mediumship.

A chaperone through loss.

Apports: Objects as Gifts from Spirit.

A Life-changing Journaling Idea for Deep and Lasting Transformation

Want to be featured on The Art & Science of Mediumship?

To satisfy self, or to please others?

A bountiful boost to afterlife research.

Wu wei. Who? Where?

Summon the Courage to Speak

What a novel idea!

Sell from the stage without being 'salesy'.

Pompeii and your future self.

Audience Alignment: The secret to a talk that will stick with your audience.

Purge Mode: Activated

Stories are to speakers, what colour is to an artist.

Loneliness is hunger of the spirit.

Utterly captivated or totally bored? How to craft a talk that thrills your audience.

A new season of life.

Mediums: Allies of Science in the Search for Consciousness

Just Married!

[INTERVIEW] Jeffrey Mishlove Phd

To know the spirit world, is to know your intuition.

I made her clean my house.

How to sleep better, and why it matters.

A grieving husband reconnects with his loving wife.

Why did I agree to this?

One year. 1000 readers.

It's raining outside.

Rejection: A Birthday Treat

Your Inner Circle

Sunshine after the Rain

5 Rituals to Move Through Grief

Covid finally kicked my butt.

5 Beliefs that Hold you Back

Crazy synchronicities mean a quickening of spirit.

Reverence: The Antidote to Burnout, Lethargy and Depression

Hire Power.

Will mediumship ever go mainstream?

A wee dram for the king.

Mediumship is Friendship

My next book!

Past Lives + Mediumship

For when you've lost momentum.

How to identify your dominant ‘clair’.

Why Love Magnifies Mediumship

Vision Board: A Unique Way to Enhance your Mediumship

Why You Must Love Again After Loss

Depp vs. Heard

Chaos in the Pantry

Unique Evidential Power of Happy Memories

Family Dynamics

A Broccoli and Salmon Sundae

Take Action

Twelve truths the spirit world wants you to know.

Getting into Therapy

A sneak peek inside The Spirit Circle

God Rock.

The Matter With Things

Bounce back from a setback.

The Slap

The real secret to confident mediumship

I need a root canal.

Vague and lacklustre evidence

New Thinking Allowed

When the sitter says 'no'.

Smoke alarm.

'I'm not getting anything.'

Wish you were here!

[VIDEO] In conversation with

Burnt Out

Permission to Fail.

Mediums: Capture the personality

Death cannot violate

The Sculptor's Daughter.

More than matter, more than mind.

3 Rituals for Connecting with Passed Loved Ones

Stigmatized for Belief in Mediumship

The remedy for anxiety is surrender.

Spiritual Shit.

Defenses against attack.

Ready to quit.

Mediumship Breakthrough!

You can't always fix things.

The magic of mental rehearsal

Recover your confidence after COVID.