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Right in the Feels

In conversation with Gordon Smith

What are you longing for?

Light bouncing everywhere.

Something in the water.

Can anyone do mediumship?

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Cleaning and Clairaudience

Are they identical?

Essay Part 4: Best Evidence for the Afterlife

Feverishly Seeking Answers

Essay Part 3: Best Evidence for the Afterlife

The Psi-entific Method (a new science of interconnection).

Essay Part 2: The Best Evidence for the Afterlife

How Eminem helped me write my essay

Essay Part 1: The Best Evidence for the Afterlife

Resonance Prominence

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

When you stop struggling, this happens.

For entertainment purposes only.

This gave me chills.

My mediumship instantly transformed

What counts as mediumship?

Uplevel your mediumship fast

Socially acceptable discrimination against mediums.

The best meditation for mediums

Be a great sitter in 7 easy steps

Meet your loved ones in spirit.

Spirit has a message for you.

Before You Were Born

A failure of compassion and accuracy

Are mediums mentally ill?

Mediumship dem + Ask me anything

5 Simple Rituals To Help You Move Through Grief After The Loss Of A Loved-one

Do you share this one surprising trait in common with most mediums?

A fire destroyed everything we own. Here's what I learned.

Dramatically improve your clairsentience

The secret mediumship development method no-one knows about

Will they think I'm crazy? How to break the news that you see dead people.

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