The secret mediumship development method no-one knows about

(that’s backed by science)

What if you could drastically improve the accuracy, consistency, and emotional depth of your mediumship by binge-watching Youtube videos?

When I participate in a mediumship sitting, I want it to be as detailed and moving as possible. I want to give evidence that makes the recipient feel certain that their loved ones are with them. I want to convey the complex cocktail of emotions evoked by reunion.

Within me, there is an insatiable desire to unlock ever deeper layers of detail and meaning in the impressions I receive from spirit. Because of this, I’m always looking for new and unusual ways to improve my mediumship.

One thing that truly delights me is when I stumble upon an experiment or scientific discovery outside of mediumship. I love to unearth performance enhancing techniques that work for couples, athletes, writers, or CEOs, and to test whether they also work for mediums.

I’ve found that, in general, performance enhancing techniques that are based in psychology work to enhance mediumship just as they enhance success in the transformation for which the experiment was originally designed.

One of the more unusual strategies I discovered (that worked amazingly well for me and my students) is that binge-watching videos of other mediums giving readings of excellence can drastically improve your mediumship.

I first came across this idea in Robert Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. In Chapter 4: Social proof, he writes about a study conducted by Albert Bandura, in which people with extreme phobias could be cured of them relatively simply and quickly.

The study was conducted on toddlers who were terrified of dogs. The children watched another child playing happily with a dog for 20 minutes per day. After just four days, 67% of the fearful children were willing to climb into a pen and play with a puppy. The researchers checked in with the children one month later, and they found that the children’s phobias had not returned, and many of them were now playing with dogs regularly.

In a follow up study, it was found that the phobic children did not even need to be in the room with a live child and a live dog. It was enough for the children to watch a video clip of a child playing with a dog for 20 minutes. The experiment was even more effective when the children watched a variety of clips featuring a variety of different children. (Cialdini, Pp. 89-92) This experiment has been repeated in many different contexts with consistently amazing results, including curing children of shyness.

Most of these kinds of experiments have focused on solving a problem – taking someone from unwanted emotions and behaviour to normal range. It got me thinking whether the same principles could be used to move someone from their usual range to excellence. Specifically, I wondered whether binge-watching effective mediums on Youtube would improve my own mediumship.

I replicated the conditions of the experiments as closely as possible. Specifically, I watched for a minimum of 20 minutes per day, every day for one week. I also watched a variety of mediums of excellence. And I paid attention to the mediums who were most like me in age, appearance, cultural background, and approach to mediumship.

I watched Youtube videos that featured the following mediums giving readings:

  • Gordon Smith

  • Laura Lynne Jackson

  • Gordon Higginson

  • Theresa Caputo

  • Tyler Henry

  • Cindy Kaza

This experiment worked surprisingly well. In the sittings that followed, I found that I was able to perceive a larger volume of more detailed evidence more easily than usual.

The biggest difference I noticed was in my own energy and emotions. I felt calmer, more certain, and less anxious. As a medium, I know people come to me looking for answers. They are often grieving, struggling, and in need. I so badly want to help them, and this pressure gets to me sometimes. I start to get into this pushing and trying energy, which, ironically, blocks the subtle impressions from spirit. After binge-watching videos of mediums giving readings of excellence, this feeling went away entirely. I found myself open, receptive and at peace. I was relaxed and having fun.

In one specific reading, the information that came through was significantly more emotional and evidential than usual. I was able to relay a specific moment that took place between the communicator and the recipient in her kitchen, with much more detail than I normally have access to. And several names were given that the recipient could identify.

After experimenting on myself, I introduced this technique to my students. We noted a marked improvement in the information they were able to deliver in circle. As with me, their confidence and willingness to go for more detailed and specific information, without feeling pressured, was increased. One student received a first and surname that was taken by the recipient, and another described the communicator exactly as he looked in a photograph that was in the recipient’s possession.

I recommend you try binge-watching Youtube videos of good mediums. If it works for you, then this is an easy, low-commitment, and surprisingly effective way to increase the power of your mediumship. There are no ‘magic bullets’ in mediumship development. Mostly it’s work, introspection, experimentation, and a lot of practice. But this technique is as close to a magic bullet as I have found, that is also backed by science.


Find some videos of mediums you admire giving great readings on Youtube. Make a playlist and set twenty minutes aside to watch these videos each day for one week. Give readings and monitor your mediumship. See if you notice a positive difference in your own performance.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What was your #1 takeaway from this article? Who are some of your favourite mediums to watch on Youtube? Did you try this experiment, and if so, what happened?

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