Nov 22, 2022Liked by Lauren Robertson

When my son passed away I was in shock for at least a few months before grief set in or before I knew I was 'in grief'. When that happened my body got sick and I ended up nearly dying in the hospital. I was sick for over a year. I needed to do something about it so I started listening to guided meditations and took a course in mediumship from Lauren and like minded people. That also helped tremendously. Now 3 years later I am getting used to being without my son and the grief has lessened so when I do grieve it's not as difficult to deal with it with the tools I have found. Grief can catch you off guard with an innocent comment from a friend, or song on the radio, or some other kind of trigger that brings you into that deep moment of sadness that you want to put behind you so badly. But without experiencing deep grief one cannot experience deep love, compassion and joy. This is the way of grief. If one can allow the grief in with all its many flavors one can heal

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